I had picked up an old Husco aftermarket armrest and cup-holder from a junked classic 900 at the pick-n-pull years ago. It had been sitting in my parts bin for years. The bracket on it was for a pre '88 lower console. It was quite large, and not the most elegant thing I'd ever seen. The pad was made of injection-formed textured "faux leather" and had a small tear in it. The cupholder part was in great shape. I salvaged what I could, and fabbed the rest to fit in my 1992 daily driver.

The armrest slides forward and backward on the mount to get it out of the way. The cup-holder slides out from beneath the padded armrest. The under-console bracket is epoxied in place to give the flimsy plastic console piece some added strength.

I used the leather and padding from an old c900 rear armrest. I cut the leather to the size and shape I needed and sewed the new pad on a basic sewing machine with a leather needle using upholstery thread.


Click images below to see a larger version.

Husco aftermarket armrest
The Husco armrest.
parts I salvaged
The parts I salvaged from it.
Fabbed: 1" square pillar with tennons.
pad base
Fabbed: Wooden armrest pad base.
under-console bracket
Fabbed: Under-console bracket/stiffener and epoxied it in place.
Modified: Cut mortises in the Husco bracket plate to accept the tenons on the pillar I made.
putting the post together
Putting the post together.
adding screw
Putting a long screw to hold it all together.
under the console
View from underneath the console through the ashtray opening. Small wedge of wool squares up the bolt on the screw.
connecting base
mounting the cupholder below the newly-padded arm rest.
The finished product on the workbench.
in car
...and installed in the car.