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DIY Short Shifter

Custom-made armrest and cup-holder

Classic 900 Whaletail Restoration

SAAB 900 Convertible Service Manual 8.5

DIY Headliner replacement (from twinsaabs)

DIY Seat reskinning (from twinsaabs)

DIY Antenna mast replacement (from Townsend)

DIY Convertible top replacement (from Townsend)

DIY Convertible top replacement with photos (the Saabsite)

DIY Convertible rear window replacement (from Townsend)

DIY Convertible headliner replacement (from Townsend)

Convertible window and top adjustment (from Townsend)

Pat Price's Convertible top FAQ (from Townsend)

Injector specs

In case anyone wants to add SPG panels, here's the SAAB tech sheet.

Transmission swap—In case anyone has a classic 900 that needs a transplant.

SEM Plastic Repair and Refinishing Procedures instructions and materials specs for flexible bumper restoration. (use SEM 39273 Charcoal Metallic Bumper Coater Aerosol for good OEM color match).

SPG panel installation guide with photos.

Emblem and body-side molding placement with measurements

Soft tonneau cover: Installation instructions, and fitment instructions.

Headlight wiper repair

Rebuilding a 5-speed transmission

DIY 2-stage Water/Meth Injection diagram

Convertible top rod ends—McMaster-Carr sells eyelets to replace the fragile ones on the hydraulic cylinder ram ends. If your's have broken, order part #60645K341, right-hand thread.

SAAB 900 paint & trim codes

Engine block freeze (expansion) plugs—Dorman part #555087 in steel —1 5/8". 2 needed per car.

Distributor rebuild kit—Bosch part #1 237 011 108. Has hall effect sensor, but not internal oil seal.

Distributor internal oil seal—If there is oil in your distributor cap you need to replace this part. The distributor will need to be disassembled to do it. NAPA part number 4912 is a substitute for the no-longer-available original seal. Also: SKF #4702 and Honda #91206-KV3-003. A basic guide (newer model 900 distributor used in this how-to, but the technique presented is the same. ).

Distributor Hall Effect Sensor—The Bosch part number for the distributor rtebuild kit with hall sensor is 1237011109, but appears to be hard to find and very expensive if you can. SAABits in the UK sells just the hall sensor as a "distributor pulse sensor" to fit part number Saab: 8857617, Hundai:27180-22000. VEMO sells the whole distributor rebuild kit as part number V10-72-1150.

Automatic transmission complete fluid change

DIY APC Tweek—Make your own red box spec APC.

Saab wiki—Online wiki of saab info.

Rear brake caliper adjustment gear Mazda part number BW0H-26-733

Converting a c900 to Trionic 5.5.

Turbo cars vacuum routing diagram

Distributor part numbers: Distributor-Bosch: 0237507010, Vacuum capsule-Bosch: 1237122973, Saab: 7564438, Hall sensor-Bosch: 1237011109.

Fuel pressure regulator: Bosch 2.8 bar-0280160264.