Grey Market Import, Commemorative Edition Spec 1993 Convertible

Just when you think you know it all, up comes another surprise. I received a registry submission of this Grey Market import. It was ordered and purchased overseas as a 1993 model. All the 1994 convertibles were built in 1993 as well, but as indicated by the tenth-digit "P" in the VIN, this is indeed a 1993 model. As you can see from the pictures, it has the same specs as the 1994 Commemorative Edition Convertible. The owner ordered it with the black top. For further info, read the registrant's comments below.


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1993 Grey Market CE Exterior 1993 Grey Market CE Exterior 1993 Grey Market CE Engine 1993 Grey Market CE Interior
  • YEAR: 1993 For Sale
  • VIN: YS3AL75TXP7006180
  • MILEAGE: 90,300
  • OWNER: Cecil B. Jones
  • LOCATION: San Antonio, TX, USA
  • E-MAIL: contact
  • COMMENTS: I bought my 1993 SAAB Convertible from a SAAB dealer in Augsburg, Germany in 1993. My girlfriend and I traveled to Sweden to pick her up. A black convertible with a black top pre-dates the commemorative model, but is the same in all respects to include the 'red' box, leather seats with gray piping, aluminum wheels, and burl instrument panel. As told to us when we picked her up in Trollhattan, only four with this style were destined for sale or export to the US. My SAAB was built in May '93 according to the door sticker. When we purchased it, we were told it was "speical" but nothing else. It did look special and drove like a dream. The paint is black metallic, the black roof was my choice. Upon seeing the car, my girlfried immediately christened her 'Sheila'. Sheila has been part of our family ever since. My girlfriend who in 1994 become my wife and I have enjoyed our years with Sheila.We brought Sheila over to the US in 1996, took her cross country from Baltimore to San Francisco and shipped her to our new assignment in Korea.  Two years there and we went back to Germany and then 2001 we made our way back to the US for a job in Georgia.  Sheila then settled down to a comfortable existence as my commuter car.  I spent a lot of time taking the back roads to work with the Top down—even in Winter.
    Our three children have grown up savoring the ride with the top down. Unfortunately, now is the time we need to find a good home and a loving family for Sheila. As our teens get to driving age we need to steer them to an automatic with better safety protection. For sale 11/22/11.